Manasvini – Literally means purity of heart and mind.  Pretty simple concept… it is a small, yet sincere, attempt by four like minded people to bring out a few quintessential changes in ourselves and in our society so that we make our surroundings a better place . 

Here at Manasvini, we strongly believe in the concept of social “responsibility” than social “service”.  There is a saying in English – One can never be credited for cleaning his/her own mess.  Allow us to explain further. Over centuries, in the name of religion, community, gender and status, we built many walls and created many gaps (in our own humanity).  Simply put, we made this holy nation a mess of our own. Now, it is our own staunch responsibility to break those walls and fill those gaps so that we can make this Mother India a great place to die for, if not to live for. 

By now, you must have understood what we wish to say. 

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